Helping to Manage Global Supply Chains

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May 10, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Helping to Manage Global Supply Chains

Key Industries can help provide assistance with every risk associated with a global supply chain: engineering, financial, and logistical. Each component is vital to the needs of an industry with a global footprint, like automotive.

One of the first risks a company dealing with a management and a supplier network that spans the globe is efficiency in their plant. This risk is created from a few sources: language barriers between parent and child companies, unscrupulous or undertrained vendors pushing products that do not correctly meet a customer’s needs, or a lack of awareness about the full range of products and techniques that can be applied to a customer’s problem. This is where Key Industries can step in and make all the difference. Our on-staff engineering team has decades of experience in dealing with the problems associated with manufacturing and keeps up-to-date with new techniques, processes, and products to find the most efficient way to handle a customer’s problem. This allows us to diagnose why an item is failing before it should and provide a solution, ultimately lowering a customer’s cost in the long-run. We pride ourselves on providing long-term value to our customers, above simple low pricing. This value goes beyond simple item suggestions, moving into custom designed machines and tool design.

The second risk associate with any global supply chain is currency risk. To help mitigate this risk for our customers, Key Industries has an on-staff Actuary and has partnered with several financial firms to provide a wide variety of tools to handle any situation our customer may face. Are you looking for long-term price stability and are interested in working closely with your vendor to manage currency risk in these uncertain times? We can help handle that. Are you simply looking for a vendor that will let you take advantage of both the up and downsides of a volatile currency market? We can work with that as well.

The final risk associated with a global supply chain is logistics. For this, we have an on-staff licensed Customs Broker. Many companies have found themselves at the mercy of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency when they have found that for years they have been misclassifying entries at reduced rates. While the savings for doing this up front can be significant. The large fees, interest, and updated duties all being due in bulk later can take a substantial chunk out of any company’s cash flow. We help our customers avoid this by making sure everything is done correctly from day one. You never have to worry about your imported items being handled incorrectly. In addition to this, we have an excellent relationship with Customs and various shipping companies to ensure that our customers get what they need when they need it.

-John Gallagher, Operations Manager

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