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June 7, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Invaluable Experience

I was presented with an amazing opportunity to work at Key two weeks after my college graduation in 2015. At the time, I was unaware of all that Key Industries had to offer as a company and my knowledge about international business was limited. Working for a company like Key has been a blessing. It has challenged me and keeps me on the cutting edge of learning new things. I have learned many valuable aspects of the business that have helped me serve my customers and my fellow co-workers well. The knowledge I have gained is invaluable.

I work heavily in the Harmonics division of Key. This offering is just another way that we offer our customers extreme cost savings.

What is Harmonics? Harmonics is our proprietary process that we use to counter premature abrasive wear on cutting tools. This is a major cost savings to plants that spend thousands of dollars on purchasing cutting tools. Our process enables the tools to last 300 to 500 percent longer, depending on the type of metal the cutting tool is made of. Not only does it reduce costs for our customers by increasing the life of the tool, but, it also saves time and money by not having to shut a machine down as often to replace a worn-out part. Halting production is costly to a facility. This is where Key has stepped in to help create a solution for this. Read more about this here.

Working at Key has been very enlightening. I have learned that real world issues are not what they teach you in text books. Companies like Key Industries teach you innovative ways to look at business and understand real world problem-solving.

The way I view possibilities and the mechanics of things has made me personally grow. I can’t wait to see how else we, Key Industries, as a company, can provide our customers with solutions and innovative ways of doing things.

-Don Roth, Inside Customer Service Representative

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