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July 24, 2017
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From the Marketing Room

It is very interesting to tell people that I have a degree in Marketing. Almost undoubtedly, most responses are something along the lines of “so you deceive people for a living?” I suppose it is no secret that the goal of marketing is for people to “buy into to” the idea or product that you are promoting. I could talk all day about different marketing techniques and examples of good and bad marketing. I truly wonder though, how do we ultimately determine the difference between good and bad marketing? Some might say if they buy your product or services that would be good marketing with the reverse being bad marketing. I don’t disagree with this but I think there is so much more to it.

I think the way in which you get there makes all the difference. We’ve all heard stories and read a thousand reviews about how something wasn’t portrayed correctly or it was misleading. It is very easy to make things appear differently than they truly are, to mislead people but hook them in anyways, to make a want seem like a need. It is equally as easy to be honest and highlight things exactly as they are. It is very easy to promise or promote something but not stand by it. It is equally as easy to stand by what you say. It bothers me that people think I spend my days trying to deceive people. As a professional, I have chosen not to involve myself with any dishonest campaigns or projects. I choose creativity and honesty. I choose to use creative tactics to inform people about how we can help them, not deceive them into thinking they need our products or services. Dishonesty shows a lack of creativity and trust in your product. There isn’t a customer we have served that hasn’t truly needed our services. It is twice as hard to get someone to listen to you and believe you aren’t trying to trick or deceive them. People are not used to honesty, but that is what we are giving.

This honesty doesn’t come from just being pure, genuine people. Key is a company that is owned and operated on the foundations of the Lord. We are working for more than our customers or ourselves, we are working for the Lord and honesty is just a by-product of that.

Good marketing isn’t just getting people to believe in or buy your product by any means necessary. Good marketing is real and honest. If you have a product that you can be real and honest about, you have a product that people can believe in.

-TH, Marketing Manager

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