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August 16, 2017
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October 9, 2017

Robots Today

We have customers inquire about our collaborative robots on a regular basis. Co-bots are a wonderful addition to a manufacturing plant because they do not require guarding. They are designed to work alongside people. When we began the process of becoming a Certified Systems Integrator for Universal Robots, we wanted to sell the robots to speed up or provide better accuracy in manufacturing operations. However, we have learned the main reason plants are investing in robotics is because they are lacking reliable workers. The plants just need people who will work. One of the hardest tasks the plants are facing today is finding and keeping people to do perform simple jobs.

Due to this, we know that Universal Robots have shown up at the perfect time. In the past, we installed robot cells to save people from performing repetitive jobs. Today, we are installing these Co-Bots because they will work non-stop and they are reliable.

The ROI on the robot averages 120 days or less. This makes the capital expense much more attractive to upper management. The safety aspects of the Co-Bot will also be very appealing to the safety manager.

Visit our Robotics page to learn more.

The future is bright for Co-bots and Universal Robots is the leader by far. Contact us for a robot demo.


-Dennis Fraze, President

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