Life at Key this Holiday Season

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October 9, 2017
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Life at Key this Holiday Season

Hello again everyone! “Crazy dog lady” is back with another inside glimpse into Key Industries. When you spend 40 to 50 hours at work each week, your co-workers and customers become your second family. While my blogs aren’t as industry related, I think it is fun to give our customers an inside look into Key past the quotes and orders, and into the daily lives of the Key family.

We are getting closer to the end of this year, which has flown by! It has been a great year here and we are excited about the upcoming holidays! We are blessed to have a boss who values family time and gives us extra time to spend with our loved ones.

Dennis (our boss and President) created a step challenge for the month of October for everyone in the office (minus our very pregnant Jami-Leigh). The winner gets a prize, with the rules including a 50-mile minimum and all walking must be done outside. It has been great so far and a way to get us all to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Plus it is fun to bring out everyone’s competitive side!

Another new development in our office are standing desks. My mom told me her office uses standing desks and I thought it would be something interesting to try. I researched the topic and found some interesting information. Sitting or standing 8+ hours a day are equally bad for your body; however, doing equal amounts of both essentially eliminates the negative side effects. I have horrible posture, so I was game to try one. I mentioned it to Dennis and he was immediately on board. I won’t lie, the first day or two of using it took some getting used to, especially because I have worked a desk job for the past 14 years. Once I got past the initial weirdness of standing and working, I loved it. I am like most people and experience the afternoon slump. I have found that standing when that feeling hit helped the fatigue go away. Two more co-workers ended up getting one and we have two others on the way. It is a great way to help keep yourself alert and more energetic!

With Christmas quickly approaching it means decorating the office and office potlucks. Our boss lets us decorate the office however we like (as long as there aren’t any 10 foot inflatable Santa’s or snow falling from the ceiling). This includes our beautiful Christmas tree that we decorate. Some of us even decorate our desks! Christmas lights, tiny trees, signs counting down until the big day… we love to be in the festive mood! We like to celebrate the holiday by going out to dinner as a team, including our significant others, and spend an evening with delicious food and great conversation about how the year has been. It is one of my favorite ways to bond as a team. Before Christmas break, we also have a potluck lunch, which usually includes some office favorites: John and Jami-Leigh’s famous taco dip, Aline’s white chicken chili, and my Oreo truffles that are cheekily named “love balls” due to my husband telling me they are only good if they are made with love. Having the time off at the end of the year is an amazing way to recharge and get ready for the upcoming year. It is one of the many reasons we love our boss and our jobs!

Last but not least, our very own Jami-Leigh and John welcomed their sweet baby girl in to the world! We are so excited to meet the newest family member of Key Industries!

-Tiffany Gregg, Inside Customer Service Supervisor

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