What does 1000 plus rear Horsepower look like”?

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April 6, 2018

What does 1000 plus rear Horsepower look like”?

Since most all our customers are in the automotive sector we here at Key wanted to share the latest on our project C6 Corvette to showcase our engineering capabilities and our Harmonics process. This 2012 Grand Sport Corvette started stock with a LS3 engine and made 383 rear wheel horsepower 100% stock.

We have made several improvements and when last on the dyno in made 803 rear wheel horsepower! So crank horsepower it made 1000HP on pump gas. Unfortunately the stock pistons were not happy with that amount of power so two pistons gave up the ghost! Not deterred we pulled the engine upgraded everything with forged internals AND treated everything that moves with our patented Harmonics Process. This will greatly improve the parts surface roughness and their wear resistance. The valve springs were treated which will greatly improve the springs ability to resist fatigue and the springs will maintain their seat pressure against the head during the whole life of the spring. The car now has a F1-X Procharger and runs on E90 Race Alcohol, no pump gas for this animal. It has not one but three fuel pumps to handle the power requirements.
Stay tuned, just had to say that, for the new dyno numbers which will top well over 1000 rear wheel horsepower!!!

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