What Key Industries means to us








Dennis Fraze


Dennis considers his role at Key Industries simple but very important. His focus is application. He spends a vast majority of his time visiting manufacturing plants that have called him in for assistance. It is his goal to help engineering and maintenance identify what areas are the biggest concern to focus efforts to correct their problems. He has over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing plants having experienced many different methods and ways to solve issues. His knowledge and experiences are what he offers to customers to help create a better way. His favorite part of the job is working in the plants and seeing Key solutions work. He believes that sharing the outcome with Key’s customers is the best part.


Aline Obeid

Sales Manager

Aline is a University of Tennessee graduate with a background in Communications and Marketing. She has been with Key since 2012. She is responsible for national outside sales and managing not only her own territory but also Key’s sales representatives in their own territories. Her ongoing training in industrial engineering and application knowledge qualifies her to assist all clients effectively. She believes that earning the respect of customers through hard work and maintaining the integrity of Key Industries is what makes all sales challenges worthwhile.


Don Roth

Inside Customer Service Representative

Don has a degree in Business and has worked with Key since 2015. He oversees the Harmonics division of Key Industries. He also works with pricing, parts repairs, and inputs data into our CRM to ensure accurate and timely orders.


Jami-Leigh Gallagher

Logistics, Trade Compliance, and Customer Service Manager

Jami-Leigh has a history degree from Trent University in Canada and she has been working for Key since 2009. She wears many different hats at Key helping ensure the success of the business. A few of her responsibilities are managing and overseeing all customer requests, invoicing, coding product items, entry writing, customs brokering, machine work, quoting, purchase orders, and managing the inside customer service representatives.

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