Harmonics delivers Cost Savings and Improved OEE. It dramatically improves premature abrasive wear with a minimum of a 300% increase in tool life.

Our process goes all the way through the material.

The tool is a good candidate for our process if it has to be sharpened or re-ground. It works with both perishable and non-perishable tools.

Surgical Scalpel Structure

Nylon Pucks cut with a treated Shearing Blade

• Carbide
• Aluminum
• Hardened Tool Steel

Examples of what it works on:
• Cutting insert
• Send mills
• Reamers
• Taps
• Drill bits
• Broaching (bars, profile, or section)
• Punches
• Dies
• Slitting knives
• CBN grinding wheels
• Resbond grinding wheel(stone)
• Hob cutters
• Saw blades
• Sonic welding horns

Carbide Cutting Insert Comparison

Original Vs Treated Tool

100 Cuts

200 Cuts

300 Cuts

Surface Roughness

Figures A and B are surface roughness plots of the area near the cutting edges of two H.S.S. drills. Prior to making the measurement both drills had been super polished to obtain the minimum roughness. The drill represented in plot B had been treated prior to polishing and attained a significantly better finish than did the non-treated drill. We attribute this outcome to our harmonics process that dramatically reduces surface roughness.

Cost Savings

Customer Provided Data

Note: Green line – treated broach bars

Coin and Punch Die Test

Improved OEE is Directly Attributed to Being Treated

Normal Life of 1200 strikes was Tripled and Improved to 3600 Strikes with Harmonics Treatment

Harmonics Case Studies